• About Dr. Roopa Patel

    Dr. Roopa Patel is a practicing Tarotologist. She was among the first to use Tarot to interpret the signs of the Zodiac. Born to parents, who believed in giving intellectual freedom and spiritual encouragement to their children, Roopa grew up in a stimulating environment conducive to individual thinking and inner growth.

    She was intuitive from childhood and experienced some intuitive flashes, which troubled her urban rational consciousness. Determined to get to the bottom of it she read voraciously all books on the subject and experimented with parapsychology in all its forms. She discovered Tarot quite accidentally and experience startling insights and powerful connections with her being. She accepted the truth of Tarot only after years of research and analysis.

    Today she believes that Tarot is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and guidance. It is there for the betterment of mankind. It can offer startling insights and solutions to issues and problems pointing the way to self understanding and self healing.

    She has several Tarot columns in newspaper and in magazines. She has been interviewed extensively by the press and the electronic media. She has been invited to participate in several T.V. programmes and chat show for her views on Tarot, Art and Parenting.

    She has written articles on Parapsychology, Art and Literature for Indian publications as well for US and Britain publications. She has a strong international profile and has requests from all over the world for consultation and to give talks.

  • Femina Reiki

    - Appeared In Femina 2006

    We are very fortunate that we live at a time where so many systems of healing and meditation are available to us . Reiki , The Art of Healing , Osho meditation , Pranic Healing , Sahaj Yog ,Marshi Mahesh Yogi's meditation and many more. All the systems of healing and meditation are effective in healing the mind. They are all based on true and tried methods rooted in ancient wisdom.

    The choice is based on personality and temperament. Reiki is a healing system that is gentle and subtle yet powerful and effective. It comes into your life at the time you need it. It chooses you rather than you choosing it.

    I did my Reiki 1 at the peak of my professional involvement with the largest project that the British Council had managed in the world – The Enduring Image, an exhibition of priceless artifacts from the British Museum that had never traveled anywhere before. 333 antiquities were my responsibility! It was quite a burden to carry. After the first day of Reiki 1, I slept for 12 hours. After the second day the pattern continued. I would go off to sleep while practicing my daily self-healing routine!

    Reiki 2 and 3 brought a lot of turbulence in my life as my Reiki master had warned me. The cleansing was a part of the process. I persevered, keen to become a master but for some reason or the other could not make it for any of the courses. The trials continued relentlessly for almost 10 years till the death of my father stilled the course. In this pain the door opened and I found myself at Badlapur doing the master's training. I was ready for the rigors of the training which stated with a blind walk down a valley, to 20 hours of training and meditation, 3 hours of sleep in austere conditions of the ashram and yet at the end of the training I felt that I had climbed a mountain and the view from the vantage point was glorious.

  • Coffee cup and Me

    - Appeared in ME 2007

    My passion for exploring , what has been loosely termed as, the New Age Sciences has led me to many all e y ways…..Tarot is one major expression of this passion but there are other lesser experiences that I relish.

    I love to engage with the process that reveals secrets that the subconscious mind has to offer through various methods and instruments.. …it could be anything …. the intuition can operate through the most mundane to the most exotic thing…… The importance is of the mind that brings it together.

    Anyone who is engaged in this kind of work is fascinating for me and I chase them as one would a rainbow to find the pot of gold at the end of it. I have had some amazing experiences with various kinds of fortune telling, spiritual counselling, other parapsychology phenomena. Some experiences have been good others have been not so good. But I have an open mind and I look for ways to connect and interact with interesting practitioners. There is a constant search…. a hunger … a need to connect with people operating in this milieu.

    Recently I got the opportunity to meet Naval Gani, the coffee cup reader in Bangalore. Coffee cup reading is the art or science of interpreting the patterns made by the coffee dregs in a cup. Coffee cup reading is well known in the Middle East.

    As I walked into her parlour there were religious verses in urdu framed on the opposite wall of the entrance -"this is keep the negativity away and absorb it "she explains later.

    Naval's son Adil made us welcome. Promptly ¼ cup of dark sweet coffee is served. I am prepared for it, as I have had coffee cup readings earlier. You might remember Rita Sethna who was well known in Mumbai in the 80s.

    Naval has a slightly different technique. She asks you to leave the dregs, blow into it with your questions, swirl the dregs and then turn the cup up side down to dry.

    Originally Naval's family is from Syria. But she is an Indian national. Her family have been reading coffee grounds for generations. Her grand mother read it so did her mother "women are more intuitive she agrees. They are more inward looking." She hopes that her daughter too will read cups when she grows up.

    Naval comes out to welcome me in with my cup. She is a large woman, warm and kind .At once one feels at home with her .Her smiling presence is reassuring. Right in the beginning she explains that she is there to offer solutions to problems not give dire messages. This resonates deeply … for there is no point in telling people unhappy things that they cannot change.

    .Her coffee cup reading is effortless and seemingly casual but precise. She makes some comments about my spiritual proclivity and the progress that I would make in the field …. .".Writing "she said "is another area that you should focus on"….. I had not told her about my involvement with Tarot nor mentioned my writing but she had picked up my interest in people and things spiritual.

    She kept looking into the cup rotating it to see the images clearly. She kept talking as she saw images and connected them in sequences.

    She said "someone very dear to you wants to go out of India… to a country new to you …..you are hesitating……don't stop him…..let him go…he knows what he wants .. his future is there... don't let your emotions come in the way"…At once I thought of my 15 year old son…. who wants to go to Australia!

    I had always thought that with so much of exposure to Britain, UK would be his natural choice of destination for higher studies …. US would also be familiar with loads of relatives …. But Australia is new…. it is for me the unknown… the great outback which is different…. I have been resisting the idea, hoping to divert him .

    I don't know whether I will follow Naval's advice or not . But she has given me another perspective ,in an area which is very important for me and in which I don't want to go wrong … There is still time …perhaps we will visit Australia and see where that takes us.

    Her children keep coming in and the interaction continued "Give me RS 10 mama ... the 13 year old daughter asks ….comb your hair ,she instructs her son ….." this one likes tousled hair "she says to me in an aside "it is his time …it is fashion …let him enjoy."

    Her clients keep calling her and she offers advise on the phone, reassurances and consolations. Chuckling like a mother hen she advises a friend to do Uttara with salt to remove the bad nazar.

    Her advise to a Christian family is to keep a Ganpati idol in the foyer of their hotel. "God comes in many shapes and sizes. They are all the same .We bow to the eternal spirit it does not matter whether it is a Christian, Muslim or a Hindu God.

    On the way out she gave me a big hug. It was like being embraced by a mother who wished well for everyone.

    What I liked about Naval Gani was her attitude …. her positivity and her warmth.. her no frill approach which was down to earth and relaxed … It was not a big deal to her to read the cup . It was part of her life ….

    I think I met a fellow traveller who also believed in the same things as I do , that prayers, meditation and good action can make for a good life and can resolve a lot of pain and problems.

    • The origins of coffee cup reading stems from the ancient Chinese art of reading tea leaves. The monks ceremoniously drank tea in bell shaped cups and interpreted the dregs that were left behind. This was later adapted to coffee grounds reading by the Arabs, who first discovered coffee beans around 600 AD and managed to keep coffee as a secret, having a monopoly on cultivating and drinking coffee for several hundred years.
    • The art of reading coffee cups or Tea cups is called Tasseography or Tasseomancy. It is still actively practiced in the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, Persia, Armenia and Greece.
    • For coffee cup reading usually ground Turkish coffee is used. The residue is left in the cup after the coffee is drunk .The saucer is placed on the top and the dregs are swirled. The cup is upturned and allowed to dry.
    • The pattern formed inside the cup are interpreted

  • I'm not from Mumbai

    - Appeared in Outlook City section 2007

    I am not from Mumbai . I haven't studied here and have no roots here and yet I feel that this is home for me. I could not live anywhere else in the world except here. The city has embraced me with open arms, accepted me as I am with no questions asked. It has expected just one thing from me that I work honestly and professionally and give back to the city what I get from her. There are so many like me who have made Mumbai their home and now cannot think of living elsewhere.

    I acquaintance with Mumbai is an old one. My parents have an apartment here and we visited Bombay, as it was called then, at least a couple of times every year. As a child I was fascinated by the excitement of this city ,by the beat and the pulse that the city had even then .I loved the sea, the broad roads, the tall buildings, and the lights. It was so well lit compared the town that we came from. The Queen's necklace glittered in the night. Bombay meant shopping ,new things and new places. It meant restaurants. Dinner at Gaylord was a treat for us. We were taken there usually for a birthday dinner, mostly of my older sister, which came in the middle of summer holidays, and we were invariably there. Gaylord in those days had a live band and a crooner, this was unheard of in our part of the world! People dancing on the floor seemed so sophisticated and modern to our young eyes! They were like in films!

    It was even then a gateway of the new. I tasted my first Chinese food at Fredricks in Colaba , Saw my first English play at Homi Bhabha Auditorium , the first Art exhibition I ever saw was at Jehangir Art gallery .The pizzas were first introduced at Sea Lounge and the Taj Buffet was for just RS 17. . I watched English Films at Eros, Regal and Metro – films that we never got to see as they rarely came to our town.

    As rebellious teenager my fascination for Mumbai was transformed. It represented for me a city of freedom, of anonymity, of individuality. One could do what one wanted, without someone looking over your shoulders telling you not to do it . I was comfortable here and at peace. My father distrusted this city and discouraged us from coming here to frequently. It was too modern for him, too fast but for me it was a city of dreams. I loved the pace, the excitement and the buzz .I always felt that my dreams would get realized here…… and they did.

    By chance I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and answered ..an interview in eight days and the same afternoon I had a job of Head Arts at the British Council . It was as simple at this. No connections, no friendly word put in, no political influence, no delays ,no irrelevant question ….I started working within a week ….that was it .. I was expected to perform and deliver.. … No quarter asked or taken.

    In the course of my work I met an MD of a powerful company . Like me he too was from another part of India . He said that he had come to Mumbai with just a degree .He had gone through tough times but the respect that this city towards work and sincere efforts made to come up in life is unbelievable .It is the only city in the country where no one goes back empty handed …. It has nurtured him and many others …his final words were ..this is the land of opportunity .. the city of gold … this is the new york of the east. back
  • Modelling And Me

    - Appeared in International British Council magazine going to 113 countries in 2005

    I have always watched with fascination various fashion shows in which lithe models sashay down the ramp with impeccable composure, clothes and grooming.

    It had a personal reaction as many moons age when the world was young I had been asked to do a modeling campaign for a cosmetic company . "Girls from good families do not exhibit themselves in modeling campaigns or fashion shows" said my horrified mom then and closed the matter and there the matter had rested all these years . In a detached sort of a way I retained an interest in the profession.

    Shaina NC a well known designer from Mumbai has come up with a brilliant idea of doing a fashion show in aid of Cancer patients and instead of professional models to invite women achievers of Mumbai to participate in this show . Few women could say no to such an opportunity to serve a cause and be up in lights . She asked me to be one of the participants and I agreed despite having some reservations about myself. "It is for a good cause" I told myself and signed up.

    There were some 34 other women participating from different professions and walks of life including some heavy weight celebrities and professional models .The fashion show was one hour long . It had 6 rounds or sequences and most of us had 3 changes . It sounded simple and under Hemant Trivedi's expert tutelage and choreography we felt quite at ease .Hemant is a big name in the international fashion world and does this only because he believes in the cause . As the rehearsals progressed it dawned on me that there were about 10 minutes between each sequence and we had to change within that time ! The sequences were colour coded -Pinks , Turquoises purples were followed by Lime greens , yellows and whites .This in turn lead to Dull golds and blacks ,followed by Grays and reds . The two finale rounds of peach and pinks were for all of us.

    I was in the first, third and fifth and sixth rounds .I had to change from purple and silver to black and dull gold and thence to peach and pink .All jewelry and accessories were different. Every change had to happen in 10 minutes stat.

    As I entered the dressing room after the first sequence I found fellow participants in all states of disarray. The scene was frantic almost like a battle . The helpers were assisting efficiently , giving the right garment , jewelry was discarded ,right shoes pulled out of bags , bangles removed . I was searching for the promised screen to change behind . I could not unpin myself…..a more experienced soul shouted.. ..drop the blouse and all will come off . In this bedlam names were already being called for the next sequence . Before I knew I was standing for my cue miraculously attired in dull gold and black with the right jewelry and shoes ( most important because the audiences can see them ) Suddenly a gorgeous creature came out from the opposite wing to hold my hand and lead me to the ramp . I was thrown ! The reason was that I had not seen her at the rehearsal …. and Hemant had done her part ,so in my mind I was expecting Hemant ,though I was told that at the showtime the real life actress would appear . She tugged my hand and I followed quickly recovering from my mistake , smiling as I have never smiled before . The sequence was over before it began and we rushed once again to the dressing room to fight our way into peach and pink outfits with gold jewelry which had to be registered . Someone could not find an underskirt and she was frantically rummaging through a pile ,another lady needed a helper to tie the double saree and could not find one . I needed someone to tell me where my outfit was !Someone could not fit into her blouse and two tailors were altering it on her .I was struggling to find a mirror to see how I looked whether my hair was in its place or not . One pat and I was off on the ramp smiling and sashaying as an expert I remembered what Hemant had said during the rehearsal . "Out there you are the most special person ,you are the queen, so behave like one and it will show . It is the attitude and belief that makes for success" I walked down the ramp to take my bows.

    The experience has left an mark , for all the outside composure and glamour, behind the scene it is damn hard work and split second timing which is left behind in the wings as the models gracefully glide on the cat walk . A new respect is awakened in me and I salute the modern woman of so many parts.

  • The Journey

    Tarot just happened to me. Many years ago, knowing my interest in unusual things ,friends holidaying aboard brought me a deck of Tarot Cards as a gift. In those days Tarot was unheard of in India. Very Few people knew what the cards even looked like. I knew very little about Tarot. I have some vague nebulous idea of what Tarot meant but nothing more and yet I felt drawn towards the cards. I guess, there was nothing really strange about that. The pictures, the symbols and the colors would fascinate anyone who saw the Tarot Cards for the first time and I was no exception. They came at a convenient time when I had just completed my post graduation and had really nothing to do.

    My desire to know more about the cards made me write to my relatives scattered all over the world and they sent me a lot of material on Tarot – workbooks, interpretations, meditation exercise, philosophical meanings, esoteric resolutions of Tarot. What started as a curiosity became a passion and I read everything I could find on the subject.

    What fascinated me was the idea that the cards could form a bridge between the conscious and the sub-conscious mind and convey messages, which could guide and help mankind in living better, and more meaningful life…that the images of the card could register in the subconscious and create external circumstances to match it… that Tarot could be used to find ones direction in life for meditation and for healing. It used Numerology, Kabala, Colour association and therapy, Mythology, Alchemy, Religious theories, ancient spiritual knowledge, medieval tantra, and other psychic tools to convey certain ideas. The symbols were drawn from all these different sources and they represented the journey of a soul through life. In their different combination and permutation the cards depicted every human experience, situation, attitude, and feeling that one encountered in life. One could use Tarot to gain esoteric wisdom and prophetic powers. These were strange ideas and I was dammed if I going to accept them without questioning their veracity and experiencing their truth myself.

    I came from a family where we had the intellectual freedom to think and believe what we liked but we had to justify our thoughts and beliefs on the alter of reason. My father was someone who constantly challenged our thoughts and encouraged us to question the world around us. I questioned the Truth of Tarot, not once but many times but I was not fully satisfied. There was something that I could not put my finger on and that was my fascination with Tarot. The more I questioned, there were more questions appearing from somewhere and the fascination persisted. There was something about the cards, which affected me deeply. I felt connected to them. I was intrigued.

    My search led me to various alleys, many books and exercises- till finally I felt I was ready to experiment with the cards in the areas of divination and guidance. I did about 3 to 4 spreads for myself asking questions pertaining to different areas of my life. But whatever question I asked in the result position I came up with the same card – the card of ill health. I was perplexed. Irritated and finally convinced that the cards were not in any way connecting to my questions I put away the cards and thought that I had come to the end of the journey. I was in perfect health and there was absolutely no reason for that card.

    You can imagine my shock when within a month I found myself in the ICU of the Jaslok Hospital. Mumbai ! We lived in Jabalpur ,MP and I had to be brought to Mumbai under medical supervision. I was almost unconscious. I nearly died. A low-grade fever, which went completely undetected, developed into a major illness, Miliary Tuberculosis.

    For 8-10 days I lived in the twilight zone of delirium and high fever which slowly came under control. The first thoughts that came to me when I came into my own were …. How did the cards know? What were they trying to tell me? What would have been the result had I taken the warning of the cards seriously and had got myself fully checked-out? Would I have avoided this suffering and ill health? All these questions raged in my mind.

    The experience affected me greatly and I started looking at Tarot with new eyes. Still I had to understand the way it worked; I had to find my own vocabulary to express its essence. I had experienced something unusual but I had to know more about it.

    I started doing Tarot readings and noting down the cards that appeared .I also noted down the guidance it offered and went back to it later to see how it had worked. The Tarot came up with rare insights, startling perceptions and simple solution to problems posed to it.

    I started doing Tarot readings for friends and people who came through friends and slowly the word spread. Somehow the newspapers got the wind of it and did a story on me. I was flooded with request for Tarot readings.

    The logbook that I kept helped a lot in my research. I entered each reading that I gave the seekers and requested them to get back and tell me how it worked. Almost 70-75% people got back to me with the information that Tarot had worked for them.

    There was a retired high court judge from Dehradun who had come to Mumbai for a Hernia operation. He was very well connected, as his son and daughter-in-law were both IAS officers here. He had access to the best doctors. His family wanted him to get the operation done immediately as it was a fairly simple operation and not to wait for the heart specialist to be with him at the time of the operation. He wanted advice of the cards regarding this. His spread showed some complications and I advised him not to have the operation without the presence of his heart specialist. I could sense that his son was not very pleased with this but did not say anything. About a month later I came home to find flowers, fruit and boxes of mithai waiting for me. The retired judge sat there in my living room with tears in his eyes and with folded hands he said that I had saved his life. It had so happened that the anesthetist gave a slight over doze of anesthesia and the old man's heart stopped. The instant treatment by the present heart specialist saved his life.

    There are many such stories, perhaps not quite as dramatic, but none the less uncanny.

    There was also an instance when Tarot did not work. If someone lied or tried to hide something, the cards that appeared were disconnected or if someone wanted to just test the Tarot and tried to trip the oracle by asking false questions the cards did not reveal anything. I recall a couple of instances were a woman asking about her extra marital affair pretended her lover to be her cousin or the woman asking about her illegitimate child as her husband's. The cards that came up had no pattern, no sense, and no story to tell. They were random cards, which had no meaning. Finally they confessed and the cards changed dramatically after that.

    I have discovered that Tarot works best when you approach the cards objectively but with respect and an open mind, which neither believes nor disbelieves. All you need to have is a sincere desire to know.

    Every human being is born with an outline of his life, a broad framework called Destiny. This is fixed. But within this framework a lot of change is possible. Human beings have a free will. We can choose our actions. Our actions beget reactions and a chain of action is set up propelling the life in a particular direction. Tarot helps us to make the right choices and do the right actions. When we are on a crossroad the wisdom of Tarot shows the way and helps us to bring the reins of our destiny in our hands.

    It is like a hand of cards, which is dealt to you. That is fixed and that cannot be changed. But you're winning and losing the game depends on how you play your cards.

    Tarot helps you to choose and play the right card at the right time and makes you win the game of life.

    Tarot works through the unconscious mind. Human mind is made up of the conscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the sum total of our experiences, emotions, and the environment – our conditioning from the day we are born: the unconscious mind is the universal mind of the human race. It is connected to the cosmos and has the complete knowledge of the past, present & the future. When we are born the unconscious mind is very powerful. But slowly as a child grows up the conscious mind with its conditioning forms a barrier to our reaching the unconscious mind and we start functioning without the power of the unconscious mind mostly basing our action on through and reason. This is limited in its range. At times we are able to make a connection with the unconscious mind and these results in great creativity. All great works of art, literature, all-scientific inventions and discoveries, all masterpieces are created when the unconscious mind gets activated. They have a universal appeal! Which is eternal, because they are created from the eternal mind? All meditation and spiritual pursuits are attempts to connect with the unconscious mind. Institution is the faculty of the unconscious mind. Instant perception is the result which is different from a deliberate conclusion, which is the offshoot of thought.

    Symbols of Tarot are symbols of the universal mind and connected to it. They help in activating the unconscious mind. The guidance of Tarot bubbles up from the unconscious mind and intuition helps in interpreting the symbols. All answers are within you. Tarot helps in bringing these answers to the conscious level. A Tarot spread is a map of your problem. It reveals what you need to know to put your life in the right direction. It will show you the obstructions in your path. It helps knowing the right action.

    A deck of Tarot cards is made up of 78 pictorial cards into 22 cards of the major arcane and 56 cards of the minor arcane. The major arcane cards deal with the serious and spiritual matters whereas the minor arcane card looks at everyday life. There are different kinds of spreads for different purpose. A spread is a set of cards laid out in a specific pattern and interpreted by a Tarot reader. The most popular spread is the Celtic cross.

    Tarot can be also used for meditation, self-improvement and healing. For this you need to find out the right card for yourself.

    For specific healing, a specific card needs to be identified and used. An experienced Tarotologist could advise about the right selection. For beginners, the deck of Tarot cards that could be used is the Rider Waite pack; this is available in all leading bookstores.

    In the 20 th century where man is confounded and confused, where older values have crashed and the new values are not enduring enough, man is grouping in the dark looking for something to give him respite and peace. What we need is some guidance, some solution, some help at the deeper level. It is here that Tarot touches … it is here that Tarot heals.

  • the teacher

    Academic Qualifications:
    1986: PhD from Rani D u rgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpu r on "The novels of PG Wodehouse with special reference to his humour"
    1971: MA in English from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya . First class third in the order of merit.
    1968: BA From University of Jabalpur, MP.
    1965: HSC St Joseph Covent of Jabalpur. First class.

    Teaching experience:
    2008: delivered a course on event management to students at the Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai.
    2007: lectured on aspects of T S Eliot's work to final year BA students at St Xavier College, Mumbai.
    1989-1990: Lecturer, SNDT University for Women, Mumbai 1987-1988: Lecturer, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh
    1977-1987: Hon Lecturer, M H College of Arts , Science & Home Science, Jabalpur

    Taught English Literature at undergraduate and postgraduate level and guided research students. Has been invited by many universities to lecture on her PhD dissertation, a popular subject in India.

    Press contributions:
    Has been a regular and occasional columnist, with articles published in a range of widely circulated national and local magazines and newspapers , and a creativ e writer, with stories appearing in leading magazines. Has been interviewed frequently by the press on current events and topical issues.

    Other interests:
    Acting and public speaking:
    Enjoys amateur dramatics; has had a part in a play on public radio; has obtained a diploma in and won a prize for public speaking.

    Craft, design and fashion:
    Has been a handicraft prize winner, a professional designer of jewellery and clothes , a regular judge for a fashion design contest and a participant in fashion shows for a cause.

    Was invited to become a member of the Indian film censorship board because of her interest in film as a means of expressing concern about the world we live in.

    Her experiments on oil-free cooking have been published in articles and she has been commissioned by a leading publisher to write a book on the subject.

    Fluent in English , Hindi and Gujarati . Have some understanding of other Indian languages like Punjabi, Marathi and Bengali.

  • the consultant

    Dr. Roopa Patel is a senior consultant in all areas of Arts, Creative Industries and Business Relations. She has handled all areas of Arts including Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, Fashion, Design, Literature, Heritage for an International organisation. She has consulted for international and Indian organisations the latest being Creative Connexsion and Marg. A senior manager in an international cultural relations organisation, till October 2008, wishes to offer her skills and experience through consultancy or a part-time basis.

    Employment History
    1993 - 2008 Head of Arts (title of post changed in 1997 to Head of Cultural Activities & Business Relations), British Council Division, British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai. Tasked with developing the British Council's arts work in India; seeking corporate sponsorship and cementing partnerships; marketing arts projects; fostering good media relations; and conceiving and managing events and projects in defined arts sectors: theatre, music, film, literature, fashion & design, heritage and visual arts & creative industries.

    • Used links with key individuals and bodies in the arts in the UK and in India to personally initiate high impact events and projects, for example:
    • The Enduring Image : Treasures from the British Museum . This has been the largest exhibition managed by the British Council in the world. The priceless exhibition of 300 artefacts was curated for the 50th anniversary of Indian independence. The Queen Of England and the President inaugurated the exhibition.
    • Establishing fashion links between the Times of India Femina Miss India contest and UK: introducing the best designer of the year contest as a part of this show.
    • Developing a curated package of British films for Children and creating innovative activities around it like having live cartoon characters, on the spot contest and interactive games . This package was shown in 7 days in Delhi, Chennai , Kolkata and Mumbai Seen by 50,000 kids.
    • Successfully developed relations with the corporate sector that led to the raising of an average of £150,000 per annum in cash and kind since 1998.
    • Rraised the profile of the British Council in India by attracting favourable exposure in the press, on radio and on television, much of it involving a personal interview.
    • Organised innovative seminars, book launches, workshops, lectures , talks and discussions to bring focus to aspects of the arts that needed to be highlighted and promoted.

  • the holistic healer

    • Astrology
    • Reiki Master
    • Teacher World Spiritual Healing
    • Exponent of Sahaj Yog
    • Exponent Osho meditation
    • Exponent Maharashi Mahesh Yogi meditation
    • Exponent of Crystal Healing
    • Art of Living
    • Runes for healing
    • I Ching for Healing

  • tarot reading

    "The world that we face today is a chaotic and confusing one. Older values have collapsed and new ones are not enduring enough – we are groping in the dark, looking for something to give us respite and peace. What we need is some guidance, a solution, some help on a deeper level. It is here that Tarot touches. It is here that Tarot heals."

    In the times that we live in, it is important that we heal the myriad scars that mark our psyche if we are to be happy and bring some sanity into this world. You are the world and the world is you. Unless we heal ourselves, we cannot do anything for anyone else, for we are impacting the world and the world is impacting us. All the trauma, violence, acts of terror and cruelty, and ills exist in the world because of accumulated pain that has not been addressed or healed. The pain knots into a hard ball and then explodes. It is vital that we do not allow our pain to harden and then distort and destroy us and the whole world.

    What we need to learn from Tarot are techniques to help us understand the self, to know our strengths and weaknesses, who we are and what our path is. We need to learn ways of healing and ways of improving our lives. It is from this understanding that change can happen. An awareness is generated that will ease our pain – only we can turn our lives around, but we will need to take responsibility and work for this change. If we go that way, then Tarot and other esoteric sciences will alleviate the pain in human lives and help create a better world.

  • horoscope

    Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)
    The king of Swords is favourably disposed. He could be your boss or any other tough professional who is good at what he does. He could be a family member who is important to you and you could benefit from his approval and support. The environment shows some kind of celebration which will gladden your heart .It could relate you some achievement that is important to you . A teenager will bring you joy perhaps by his/her results . You could be a proud parent and it will lift your spirits that have taken a beating in these few months . Practical approach to things will bring benefits.

    Taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)
    A sense of failure could make you feel disheartened . But this is the direct result of your own choices . You have been living in the cuckoo land and have closed your eyes to the reality of things . It will not make sense for you to now leave things and move to another extreme . You need to understand the situation objectively and dispassionately and then find long term solutions which you should pursue diligently without being lazy or careless. Pl do not see saw in your mind about possibilities. Once you decide a course then be firm . Pl try to be more tolerant and less prejudiced.

    Gemini (May 21 - Jun 22)
    Differences and arguments could make you feel quite tired . Keep a tight leash on your imagination . It could create imaginary problems in your mind which you could easily avoid by being alert and aware . The change that you are expecting is not happening and you are worried about losing control . The best option for you is to allow whatever is going on happen . Pl do not try to play God .You cannot carry the weight of all problems on your shoulders. Just let go and bow to the will of God.
    Cancer (Jun 23 - Jul 21)
    The king of Swords is not playing ball. He is a tough professional who is important for you . He could be someone you work with or a family member . Pl do not cross swords with him . You need to fall in line with him . Your environment is not changing and you are not getting the break through that you want . The cards advise you to have patience and examine yourself as to where you are going wrong . Look at your past and reinvent your present . Deal with situations by mending fences and compromising rather than confronting issues.

    Leo (Jul 22 - Aug 23)
    The card of Death prominently placed indicates change . You are poised for a major shift in your life . You have been stagnating for some time now and this should be good news for you . The change will bring some new opportunities but how well you use these will depend on your approach to life . If you are living in the past and unable to accept today then you might not be successful in harnessing the full potential . Accept what has happened and try to constructively resolve your today . You need to move on in life and let go all preoccupations.

    Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 22)
    You need to consciously ensure that you do not lose control in any situation . You have been angry and disappointed over some things in life and now feel the need to react . Letting fly will not help you . It could ruin the situation that you have mending with your constructive approach . Youe environment improves and you will feel safe and secure . You will have a victory that will cheer you but be careful of the consequences . Pl do not align will dubious people however advantageous it may seem . Do not spend too much over trifles.

    Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 23)
    Problems about a young person may keep you preoccupied .Things are stagnant and in the environment you have drawn the card of Death reversed which indicates lack of movement in your affairs . At a distance is the card of communication and movement . Things will catch speed and move in a positive direction by the end of this month . The Knight of Swords has appeared reversed . A tall dark and handsome man can be a cause of concern .It could be a romance not blooming or a colleague not cooperating . It could also be a family member reacting to discipline . The cards advise you to keep your cool and let the issue blow over . Don't worry all will be well.

    Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
    The queen of Wands has appeared reversed . You could be hankering for someone who is not with you . She is a powerful ,charming and attractive woman who usually gets what she wants . Win her back with love and surrender . Deep down the attraction and attachment lingers and there is no use denying it. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel . So continue to pursue your goals and you will be able to resolve things . At a distance you have drawn the card of the magician indicating the determination and drive that you need is coming into your life albeit by the end of the month.

    Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 22)
    The right combination may not working out in your relationship as you have drawn the card of Temperance reversed. What started out as a relationship of immense possibilities could have become disappointing. You have a lot of family support and that will be very useful in keeping the lines of communications open. You may feel that you have put in efforts and that you are not reaping the results that you deserve . The cards advise patience and tolerance . There is another perspective which you should try to see . Just wait this out. Tomorrow will bring healing and love.

    Capricorn (Dec 23 - Jan 20)
    Your focus is on money and what it can do for you. Everything else is secondary for now. This is not a perspective that you should encourage. There is more to life than just that .At a distance you have drawn the card of the Page of swords reversed . This indicates that something unexpected is brewing in your life that you will need to tackle. It could be a pleasant surprise for all you know. Be prepared for it and you will not be caught unawares. The Queen of Cups needs to be handled gently.

    Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
    There will be justice done . If you have been wronged then you will get your due but if you are the perpetrator of injustice then nemesis is at hand. The cards advise you to be wise and objective . The card of Hermit indicates that a detached attitude will help you in taking the right decision . You have options in hand and it is vital that you take the right decision . You could be concerned about the Queen of Cups who might not be too well . She is a fair , gentle looking woman.

    Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
    Your anxiety about your health could make you unnecessary edgy . The Tower at a distance indicates your stress . Things are going well for you and there is no need to take things too seriously . There could be difference of opinion regarding the line of treatment and you could get upset . The knight of swords is standing by you and you will draw a great support from him .He is a family member who was written off but is proving more helpful than other people . Pl relax all is well .There is nothing to worry.

  • tarot training

    Basic Course - Level I
    The basic course Level I will help you to understand through the Tarot cards why you go through certain experiences in life, what is your life purpose, how you can work on yourselves to improve the quality of your life.

    Advanced Course - Level II
    It is essential that you have done the basic course to join this course .The advance course delves into deeper aspects of Tarot. It looks at the Minor arcana and the court cards. It explores your past to understand your present and take care of the future. It looks at ways of clarifying options through the cards. It initiates a Ritual and has a Chakra meditation with Crystals.

    Rituals Course
    The Rituals will focus on teaching how to attract /heal aspects of life.
    Day 1: Healing Relationships and attracting New ones
    Day 2: Attracting Prosperity / job / opportunities
    Day 3: Handling Depression

  • media engagement

    Writings for Print and Digital Publications
    • Afternoon Dispatch and courier since 2009
    • Writing for Kingfisher Airlines magazine, The High Blitz, since 2008
    • Mumbai Mirror weekly column from 2007 - 2009
    • Hi Blitz monthly column from 2007
    • Dainik Bhaskar weekly column in WB in 2007 - 2008
    • ‘She’ a fortnightly column in 2007
    • Femina from February 1996 till 2006…… 10 years
    • Jet wings from February 1996 till 2006 ……10 years
    • Yes. (Delhi) January 2000 – December 2000
    • Dainik Bhaskar January 2001 to 2002 Issued in all their 17 regional newspapers across the country
    • Decca Chronicle (Hyderabad) June 1999 - December 2000
    • Sunday Observer December 1996 – 2000
    • Rediff.Com January 1999 – 2000
    • Zee.Com May 1999 – December 1999
    • Delhi Times, Zodiac Zone 31 December 1996
    • Quirky Coffee Bar Bangalore. They kept special pin ups on their walls and on the tables January – December 2000

    Television Shows / Appearances:
    • Zee Television afternoon show for women forecast for the week - 2005
    • Sahara T.V. interview on Market trends Diwali 2004
    • Bollywood News on Star channel. Co host with Samar Khan October 2003 – March 2004. A small segment of Birthday forecast for the stars
    • Plus Channel for Sony Entertainment. On programme called Open House January 1, 1999

    Talks, Lectures & Workshops:
    • Conduct a workshop at the Kala Ghoda Fetsival in February 2013
    • Times of India Carnival - 2012
    • Cricket Club of India - 2012
    • Holistic approach to health and healing by ICTA Banagore and CASP Mumbai - August 2010
    • Rotary club of South Harbour - January 2009
    • Rotary club of South Mumbai August 2008
    • At The Rotary club South Mumbai - 2008
    • At The Rotary club North Mumbai - 2007.
    • On women's issues at Jabalpur women entrereneurs' conference; on parapsychology at Mumbai Marwar Magazine's annual show - 2005
    • Invited to talk and conduct a meditation session by British Council in Kolkata – 2004.
    • Arpen Publication, Marwar Mega show - September 5, 2004
    • At Hyderabad Ruchika Club - 2004
    • At Baroda MSU on Indian dance - 2004
    • Sanskruti Club Ahmedabad February 2003
    • Edinburgh - 2003
    • On the Indian spiritual scene, Edinburgh - 2002
    • Sanskruti Club Hyderabad - December 2000
    • Rotary Club ladies wing Jabalpur - December 1999
    • Parampara women’s organization - August 1990

    Newspaper Interviews:
    • Financial Express January 2009
    • Asian Age January 2009
    • Mumbai Mirror October 2008
    • DNA October 2008
    • Midday May 2006
    • Sunday Times - Men Women – 4 May 2003
    • Bombay Times - 29 May 2001
    • Times of India (Hyderabad) - December 2000
    • Sunday Times of India - 31 October 1999
    • Deccan Chronicle - 27 June 1999
    • Mumbai Age - 6 March 1999
    • Article Calcutta statesman - 23 March 1998
    • Naveen Duniya (Jabalpur) - 5 February 1998
    • Sunday Observer - 29 December 1997
    • Mid Day – 26 July 1997
    • Mumbai Samachar – 1 June 1997
    • Amar Ujale (Agra) – 6 Jan 1997
    • Sunday Observer - December 1996
    • Metropolis - 27 May 1995
    • Afternoon Dispatch courier - 15 November 1990

    Magazines Interviews:
    • Me - January 2009
    • Business Standard - March 2008
    • Cosmopolitan - October 2007
    • Outlook - September 2007
    • The Week - 22 February 2004
    • Sabrang 3 - February 1999
    • Oomph Magazines - April – June 1998
    • Savvy - December 1995
    • Chitralekha - 6 December 1993
    • Yuva Darshan - 27 July 1991
    • Sunday Mail - 7 April 1991
    • Femina - 8 August 1990
    • Savvy - May 1990

    Television appearances
    • 2006: was interviewed on contemporary Indian art and artists by BBC World; appeared on six foreign and Indian national television channels in connection with her views on parapsychology and tarot.
    • 2005: An on going serial on Star TV Mano Ya Na Mano devoted an episode on her skills as an exponent of Tarot card reading.
    • 2003-2004: was contracted by Star TV to participate in their Bollywood news programme as an anchor person to their regular presenter.
    • 2000: participated in a television programme on parenting.

  • A Lover Who Lied

    A friend of mine had a problem. She was involved with a married man for 10 years. The guy was high up in the corporate world. He would come to see her as and when he wanted. Sometimes he would come to her regularly and at other times, stop all contact with her for a long time and then without warning, restart the relationship. This pattern had continued and this girl's whole life was spent in just waiting for him. She was hanging and he kept her on a string. She had a good job and had several marriage offers .But she had eyes for no one else and no one mattered to her. She lived in the hope that one day things would change and that he would make her more than a friend.

    He was married but his marriage was long over. There was nothing between him and his wife except money and a power game that she played with him. The wife did not want to leave the security of her marital home. She had a position in society, all the comforts in the world, and a circle of friends that she was happy with. She did suspect him of having a relationship outside the marriage and had even hired a private detective to follow him.

    In those years, he did not even dare to call my friend. He was terrified of exposure and the scandal. He could not afford it as he had a lot to lose. If the scandal broke, the shares of his company would come crashing down and all that he had so painstakingly built would crash. He could not afford the alimony as she would want the full pound of flesh and that would destroy him. She was also involved in his business and that complicated the matter further.

    The spreads indicated that he would not leave his wife no matter what he said. My friend was very disappointed and refused to accept this. A lot of astrologers had told her that he would come to her and she clutched to such straws of hope. She was so convinced that he would come to her that she had all her plans in place - what she would do after she had married him, where they would live, what kind of household she would run, and how she would take care of him. She kept making excuses for him when he stayed away and when it became unbearable, she would swallow her pride and call him.

    She was a decent woman and would have made a wonderful devoted wife to some lucky man. She really loved him. The man too was not a villain. He was just weak, unable to stand up to the tough wife he had. He did not want to rock the boat. It was easier for him to have my friend on the side at his convenience.

    The wife was aggressive, wily and sharp. She knew how to keep him worried and played on his weak nerves by constantly dropping hints and putting him through the hoops.

    Every two to three months my friend would come for a reading saying that things had changed and she felt that he was on the verge of telling his wife about her and asking for a divorce. But the cards told a different story. On several occasions I tried to tell her the truth gently but she was not open to it. She would at once refer to an astrologer who had given her firm dates. I too hoped against hopes that things would change and kept doing cards for her.

    This went on for more than a few years till the time the man stopped answering her calls and severed all connection with her.

    Despite all my warnings, it was a great shock. I am sure she realised that I had been right all along. I was sorry that I had not been able to tell her anything positive.

    He was so brutal. Her whole life was wasted because he could not tell her the truth that he would never divorce his wife.

    She was so unhappy that she moved away to another city. She became a bitter and a disenchanted woman. My heart bleeds for her. She could have married and lived a fulfilled life instead all she got was loneliness.

  • The Lady Who Vanished

    In the early days of my Tarot work, a family friend brought a Parsi gentleman to me. He must have been in his thirties and was boyish looking, with a pleasing countenance and easy manners. He was not a little distraught. He came straight to the point. His old mother had disappeared since two days and he wanted to find her as soon as possible and asked me if I could help. He wanted to know her whereabouts, where she could have possibly gone. His mother, he said, was getting senile and was prone to behaving in an erratic and impulsive fashion. She had tried to run away from the house earlier but had been intercepted and apprehended by a watchful nurse. This time she was more clever. She had waited for her nurse to doze off in the afternoon after lunch, and had quietly slipped away without anyone noticing her disappearance until much later. Unfortunately, she was wearing a lot of gold jewellery, which she could sell to do or get whatever she wanted.

    The son was worried about her safety. She had been fretting to go to her daughter, but because of her ill health the son had not allowed her to do so. It was difficult to make her travel as she was quite unpredictable. The spirited old woman had decided to take matters into her own hands. The family did not want to go to the police just yet. They came from a well-known Parsi family and the son was worried that it would endanger the mother more if the information about who she is leaked out. The press would not only have a field day, but because of her background, she would become an easy prey for kidnapping and extortion. It would cause a terrible scandal.

    He had contacted all his relatives including his sister to find out if the mother had gone to them but they had no information about her. He had come to me as a last resort, fully prepared to contact the police and flash her photograph all over. He was aware of the risk but felt that there was no other choice left.

    We did a number of spreads. The first spread indicated that she was safe and secure. The Nine of Pentacles assured me of that.

    Next spread showed a number of movement cards like the Six of Swords, the Knights of Pentacles and Cups indicating that she had travelled and gone somewhere. The transaction card of Six of Pentacles had also appeared. What the son feared seemed correct. She had disposed her jewellery for money.

    Though finding direction is not easy in Tarot, we got an indication that she had travelled North. The son could not think of anywhere or anyone that she could go to in the Northern part of India. He tried rephrasing the question but the answer remained the same. She was safe and she was somewhere in the north. Also that they would get information about her or she would contact them in a couple of days and that he should not worry. All would end well.

    Though the gentleman was not fully satisfied, he decided to go with the advice and wait for a couple of days before contacting the police.

    I was not a little worried. Though I had tried to help him to the best of my knowledge, I did not want his mother's life to be jeopardised because of the delay advised by the card in contacting the police.

    There the matter rested.

    I heard nothing from him. On the fourth day, I came home to find a basket of flowers and a box of sweets. There was a note saying, "You were right! She was in Chandigarh where one of her dear friends lives. We had completely forgotten about her. She called from Chandigarh and my brother is bringing her back today."

    Later I was told that she had sold her necklace for a song to buy a train ticket to Chandigarh. As there was no direct train, she had changed trains with help of strangers in Delhi and safely reached Chandigarh! She phoned her friend who picked her up from the station and realising what the old lady had done, called the family!

    This was one of my earliest cases that ended so well! I was still a novice and this case helped me build my confidence in the oracle.

  • Taken for a Ride

    In early stages of our marriage, my husband was looking for a business opportunity to start something new and exciting. He did not have much experience and was looking for a partner who would work with him in the field of computers. We were new to Mumbai and I did not have many friends. A girl came into our lives. She said that she had done her computer science from the US.

    She had worked there for a long time but had come back because of a broken relationship and family considerations. She did not have a father so she had to take on the responsibilities of her mother. She seemed fun-loving and capable and easily slipped into the role of a family friend and a confidant. She had a fantastic proposal for international trade and was willing to take on the full responsibility for that side of the business. She seemed a perfect fit. She was an extrovert while my husband was an introvert. Both were interested in computers. She got along easily with everyone. We signed a partnership deed and embarked upon the venture. She seemed a godsend and we accepted her as a business partner with a sigh of relief. She did not wish to involve her family and that seemed alright with us.

    Things took off very well. But slowly some nagging doubts came cropping up which we could not pin down.

    There were discussions that my husband could not remember, some decisions that she took without consultations. Some cheques were signed because he was not there. Even between us there were issues cropping that had never been there before.

    These were my early days with Tarot and I sought the wisdom of the oracle. I got the card of the Devil in the result position. The Devil represents deceit, lies, mental distortions, recklessness other issues of the indulgences of the senses. I could not understand the implication of the card! I could not relate this to her or anything to do with our business. Some days later some other business issue came up and I did the cards again. To my surprise the same card came up!

    Our business continued but I discovered that my husband and I were fighting much more. There were silly things like not getting the right information and small misunderstandings. She would avoid telling me where my husband was even if he were present there with her when I called nor would she tell him that I was calling.

    We were depending on her technical expertise on several projects and all those projects got delayed or derailed. The clients were offended. But the explanations were glib and so convincing that we could never doubt her or even try to cross check what she had said.

    The business was going down hill and so was our personal relationship. I was getting paranoid and started making enquiries. Finally, I met someone who knew her and the truth came out. She did not have a computer degree and she worked through unsuspecting people by winning their trust and spinning tales. No one could suspect her because most people did not check as far as the America. She had photographs of America where she lived but she did not do what she claimed. She made both of us dependent on her and then played off one against the other and like fools we believed her over each other!

    To extricate ourselves meant financial loss that we could ill afford but more importantly, we discovered how easy it was to create a misunderstanding between a married couple if they were not alert. She created a wedge by reporting things that were slightly askewed and it was difficult for us to verify. We did not even try for we felt that she had no ulterior motive. I trusted her so much that I was willing to leave my 6 year old son, my most cherished baby, in her care! She had won our faith so completely! Fortunately, I did not. I shudder to think of the consequences.

    Many a times we go through things because of our weakness and our karmas. We had to learn the hard way not to trust others on face value and to trust each other more. Additionally, we learned that it is so easy to create a permanent wedge and damage a relationship if you are not careful and there is not enough communication. Most of all I learned to trust the cards and take the guidance seriously. back
  • Speculators

    I have some friends who are keen speculators. They bet on anything from the weather forecast to sports. They have often tried to involve me in their speculation, which I have resisted strongly. They have even offered me a percentage in their winnings! I did not accept it as I do not agree to it in principle. I do not believe that Tarot should be used for speculation or gambling. To me Tarot is for healing, for improving the human existence, to help people understand themselves better and to connect with their beings for a happier life. It is an instrument for counselling and when one is on a crossroads in life, Tarot helps in showing the right direction.

    They know this spiel of mine and laugh at me for being so impractical. On the whole they respect my sentiments and refrain from involving me in any of their nefarious plans. They have been my clients as well and I have helped them in their personal lives. They have benefitted from Tarot consultation and have a regard for the esoteric science.

    One year, during a Cricket World Cup, the whole country was in the grip of cricket mania. The final match had a nail biting, nerve wrecking suspense. The final match was between India and Australia and the whole world was speculating as to who will win the World Cup. It was almost a war. There was nothing more important than the outcome of the match. Bookies and speculators were having a field day.

    Though I am not a cricket enthusiast, I come from a cricket family where my father and brother both have been Ranji trophy players. I know a bit about cricket, bits and pieces that I have picked up inadvertently in all these years. I have seen several matches against my will at the Brabourne stadium, in the member's pavilion, with my father as an unmarried daughter. He wanted us all to know and love the game. This had the exact and opposite reaction. My sisters and I are totally against the game.

    But this was different. Even I was caught up in this fever. The night before the final match between India and Australia very high bets were being placed. My friend with his national pride placed a huge bet in favour of India winning the World Cup. He called me and told me what he had done. It was a big gamble and though he did not directly tell me to help him through Tarot, I felt pressured and worried.

    For a while I held on to my resolve as I did not want to get blackmailed into using Tarot for any commercial purpose or to save him from any foolishness that he had consciously chosen to do. He was an adult and if he chose to risk his money, after repeatedly being told not to gamble, that was his problem. By 10 pm that night, my resolve weakened and I was worried. By 11 pm I was unable to stop myself and against my better judgment, I did a spread of tarot for my own satisfaction, and to know who will win the World Cup the next day.

    The cards were quite clear. India would lose the world cup to Australia! I frantically called up my friend and asked him to cancel the bet explaining what the cards said. He promptly did just that.

    The rest is history. Many people lost a lot of money the next day. Many were ruined but my friend was not one of them. I felt good that I had been able to save at least one misguided person from disaster. Newspapers were filled with stories as to how much money was lost in all this betting. The next day, my friend called me and thanked me with deep gratitude. He said that I had saved his life. I said that I hoped he had learnt his lesson never to gamble again. He said that he wished he had listened to me fully. He added that he actually had only taken half of my advice and cancelled the bet. If he was not so taken aback by my hysteria, he would have taken the full advice and not only cancelled the bet on India but would have placed the bet on Australia and won a fortune! As they say a leopard never changes its spots.

  • contact

    Thank you for writing in. You will be got in touch with shortly.

  • consult online

    The on line Tarot is a facility provided because of the demand for this from Overseas prospective clients . Today's technology has made it possible to get a Tarot reading done with Dr. Patel without delays or worries about payment.

    You need to send your full name and date of birth. Some idea about your problem needs to be communicated and some questions framed and sent along with your details .With this it is possible to do a complete reading across continents.

    Though there is no substitute for a face to face contact, on line readings have worked very well for clients across nations and seas.

    The energy just needs a hook to connect and this is provided by the name and date of birth. Once you send your details and make the payment a mutually convenient time will be set up . You need to call a number provided and Dr. Patel will speak to you on the phone to resolve your issues.

  • Book review: Experiencing Tarot

    An insight into renowned tarot card reader Dr Roopa Patel's first book on tarot
    By Hema K - Times Wellness, November 5, 2011

    While tarotlogist Dr Roopa Patel was working at the British Council, a young colleague suggested that she should write a book on the same. Owing to the backlog of growing pressures on the personal and professional front the idea took a backseat. On retirement the concept refreshed itself, and Experiencing Tarot came into being. "Over the years I have learned that the tarot is often misunderstood as a tool for determining the future, but it is a lot more than that. It is after an intensive study of the various esoteric sciences, have I come to the conclusion that tarot can be used for healing as well," says Dr Patel.

    What's inside
    The book unravels the myth and the mysteries that go behind the history of the tarot. There is a detailed explanation of how it is to be used and maintained by the reader. An array of case studies shows where tarot was successful and where it has flopped. Dr Patel suggests that one should be very honest with tarot, in order to get the appropriate results. It is also necessary for the reader to be clear of any clutter in the mind and heart.

    When I started reading the book, I thought it would be like one of those instructional manuals. To my surprise it wasn't. Dr Patel's fluid language and explanation was gripping. The book made me comprehend the vibes and the nuances of the cosmos with absolute clarity .The case studies were graphic and seemed more valuable than the key notes. The text is supported by images created by the Singh Twins. These images are rather different from those of the Rider Waide Tarot deck. However the bases of the images are more of less similar apart from the Indian flavouring rendered by the artists.


    This website [www.roopapatel.com] is personal website of Dr. Roopa Patel. The entire content in this site, including but not limited to text, design, graphics, interfaces, or code and the selection and arrangements thereof is copyrighted as a collective work under the United States and other copyright laws, and is the property of Dr. Roopa Patel.

    The collective work includes works that are licensed to Dr. Roopa Patel. All rights reserved. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of and are proprietary to Dr. Roopa Patel, or other respective owners that have granted Dr. Roopa Patel the right and license to use such Marks.

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  • refund policy

    Readings are given in line with code of ethics and they are for guidance only. There is no guarantee that what is shown in the cards will certainly happen. The future is not absolutely predictable and you have free will and can make choices at any time, which will change your destiny. You are responsible for your own life and decisions. Please ensure that your questions are specific and open. Please do not ask questions about another person but focus on yourself and your own life.

    Payment Policy
    All online payments must be prepaid using Paypal.

    Readings must be cancelled no less than 24 hours in advance, otherwise the refund is null and void.

    Your privacy and confidentiality are very important and everything you say or write will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    Refund Policy
    Readings are not refundable if the service is provided. In the event that a reading cannot be delivered in case of an emergency situation, a 100% refund will be made or a reading at a later date by mutual agreement.

    Reading will be provided in person or over the phone at a mutually agreed date.

    Termination of Service
    Dr. Roopa Patel reserves the right to refuse to give a reading and in that case will refund 100% of the fee.

    Acquiring services is an acknowledgement, agreement and acceptance of these terms.

  • You are doomed by what the Tarot cards say

    Tarot offers guidance to improve one's life. It helps you in understanding yourself better by connecting to your issues and problems as represented by the cards. You are free to decide what you choose to do. A good tarot reader will only give constructive advice and will not make any dire predictions.

  • The Tarot is always right

    The interpretation of Tarot depends on several things most of all how objective is the reader. Many a time the reader's emotions colour the reading. Sometimes you don't see what is glaring at you in a spread. At other times the querent can decide to exert his or her free will and go against the natural flow. The Tarot predicts possibilities – what is most likely to happen.

    Sometimes the cards simply will not work! It is God's telling you that you are human and can err! Many a times you have to take a de tour to come back to the point and learn the lesson when you are ready .The cards will unfold their meaning to you at the right time. It is all a part of growing and evolving.

  • Tarot Readers are Witches

    Who is a witch? To my mind if someone uses energy to harm, destroy or damage another that person is termed a witch or a Tantric. Everything in life can be used for positive or negative purpose. It is the purpose and not the instrument that determines what is negative or positive. Tarot is just a tool to help you turn inwards and connect with your being for answers of your life and lessons that need to be learnt. There are so many other spiritual ways as well that can help you in doing this.

    All Sciences including Esoteric sciences can have a negative impact .Wrongly used all energy will recoil including Nature. Human beings have exploited and abused Nature. And there is a huge increase in natural disasters; climate change is threatening human existence, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, drought, hurricanes have become so pronounced.

    Every good thing has a polarity and so does Tarot. Tarot can be used like Tantra for negative things as well as can religion and other esoteric practices.

  • Tarot Cards are "Evil"

    It is important to understand the definition of evil. By evil if it is meant anything that does not fall in line with a set way of thinking - then yes all Sciences, all new ideas of growth and development, all new age instruments and everything different and new can be termed evil. It is evil for it is untried and can cause discomfort and fear.

    A new path may or may not be accepted by all. Does that make it evil? Think about Galileo and other scientific pioneers who have braved ignorance and fear. Tarot is a different way of promoting inner growth. In India there is certainly less prejudice. I have not encountered any such attitude 

  • Tarot is a Scam

    There are fraudulent people in all areas of life. Certainly there are tarot card readers who abuse the trust placed in them as do doctors, lawyers and other professionals. People are more vociferous about new age sciences as it is easy to doubt intentions and an approach that is not empirical but esoteric. Unless one experiences the benefits of an esoteric science it is difficult to go with it. I can understand it.

    The common argument being how a deck of plastic cards can be anything more. This denies the power of symbols and the power of your own mind .Tarot cards, Runes and I Ching are triggers for the unconscious mind to unfold and connect with your conscious mind The analogy usually given that we don't see radio waves or electricity but they do exist .You need to experience it before deciding. If it does not work for you reject it by all means..But it is just your experience.

  • Tarot Cards are Magic

    The magic is in your subconscious mind that can trigger any miracle. Tarot and all other esoteric sciences are just triggers for this magic to work and the power of the subconscious mind is made available to you. Meditation is also a magic. It can transform your life.

  • What Tarot says is a life time prediction

    This is not true. A tarot reading is of immediate value .It operates in the living present. It gives you guidance as to what you should now. This changes with time and with your actions - how you have used your free will and what steer you have given yourself. The best use of Tarot is when you are on a cross road and need an understanding of the situation to make an informed decision.

  • Tarot is a tool only for Fortune Telling

    This is the biggest myth that has misled many people. Tarot is a tool for divination also. But the real value of Tarot is for Self Development, Healing and Meditation, to know yourself better, to heal your conditioning and your circumstances with the energies of the cards and to through meditation to create positive circumstances in your life. These Archetypes help in putting you in touch with your fears, pain and other emotions which can be seen, experienced and released in a safe situation.

  • Addiction to Tarot is not healthy

    No addiction is good. If you become too dependent on Tarot for everything then your personal initiative suffers. You need to be able to take your everyday life in your stride and consult Tarot only when it is required. For meditation and healing another rule applies as you need to connect with the card on a daily basis to generate specific energy in your life.

  • Taking help of Tarot is a sign of weakness

    It is tantamounting to saying that it is weakness to call a doctor when you are ill as you should suffer the pain and come out of it by yourself! Whatever helps you in the difficult business of living should be singled out and sought help from. It is only the strong and wise that has no qualms about seeking help. Clarifying your mind, connecting with your issues, understanding where you could be wrong and learning to rectify that cannot be a sign of weakness.

    Women are usually stronger than men when it comes to taking stress, traumas and pain. She will go a long way to keep her family together and protect her children. She will stretch herself for them and will leave no stone unturned to bring happiness to herself and her family. Yes Tarot is a woman's thing but only because she is more open and willing to put aside her fragile ego to try something that could help her.